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Description Prompt:   Marx/Engels (M/E) and Durkheim (D) recognized the many ...

Description Prompt:   Marx/Engels (M/E) and Durkheim (D) recognized the many significant social problems that emerged in the transition from agricultural to modern capitalist industrialized societies.  These theorists, however, draw very different conclusions about the stability of industrial society and the future of capitalism.  In this essay, briefly explain how each set of theorists understands the fundamental social problem created by modern capitalist industrialization.  How does each set of theorists hope we will remedy this fundamental problem? Do these theoretical insights still have contemporary relevance?  Choose one concrete, contemporary social problem for theoretical analysis.  How might Marx/Engels or Durkheim explain this problem?  Whose insights do you think best explain your chosen problem?  Why? First Hint:  In sociology, we expect essays to have a major organizing argument.  Begin by addressing the social disruptions of capitalist industrialization.  Then, briefly address the last question, i.e., make the case that the analytical tools of Marx/Engels or Durkheim still help us understand concrete problems of social inequality (M/E) or social solidarity (D). For example, an issue like homelessness could be analyzed from either perspective. The work/pay conditions of Amazon warehouse workers would be a good example of the ongoing relevance of M/E in explaining the dynamics of capitalist exploitation.  Issues of race/gender discrimination could be addressed by D as failures of social integration. Second Hint:  When explaining the insights of that one theorist might shed on your chosen problem, briefly explain where the other theorist falls short.  In other words, the case for X being more insightful than Y is stronger when the shortcomings of Y are briefly pointed out.


Description The materials from weeks 4 & 5 draw attention to misconceptions abo ...

Description The materials from weeks 4 & 5 draw attention to misconceptions about military life & families that arise from the assumption of a particular service person (young, male) and particular family (nuclear, heteronormative). Which of these misconceptions poses the most difficulty for contemporary military families? Be sure to cite course materials for weeks 4 and/or 5 Book: Moelker, R., Andres, M., & Rones, N. (2021). The Politics of Military Families: State, Work Organizations, and the Rise of the Negotiated Household. Routledge.


Description NO AI NO AI NO AI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How to Complete this Assignment ...

Description NO AI NO AI NO AI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How to Complete this Assignment I know these instructions are long. Read every word. I promise it will only help your grade to do so. You will find 5 debate questions with two position options each below. For this discussion board, you will take both positions in one of the questions and then debate other classmates on their positions. Example Debate Question: Is technology a catalyst or hindrance to social change? Position A: Argue that technology plays a significant role in accelerating social change by providing platforms for communication, mobilization, and access to information. Position B: Argue that technology creates barriers to social change, such as social isolation, privacy concerns, and reinforcing existing power structures. For this discussion, you would first need to clearly define social change and technology as it pertains to each position. Then list several (I like three) examples on how technology as you defined it helps or hinders social change as you defined it. What to do: You will choose one debate question from below and argue both sides. This is regardless of how you feel about this particular topic. You will spend about 150 words on each side justifying your positions using the lecture notes, mini lectures, or academic sources. You will cite both in-text and a works cited section. If you do not cite your sources, or if you use no sources, you will receive a 0 on this assignment. Next, find a classmate who chose a different question than you did, read both sides, and then post your opinion. You will use their argument to justify yours. This needs to be deeper than "I agree with you" or "I really liked how you said this." You will do this two times, so there should be a total of at least 3 posts. I am looking for quality over quantity here though, so keep that in mind as you complete these assignments. Discussion Board dos: Meet the minimum requirements. This should go unsaid, but you should post at least 3 times. The word count minimum should also be met for each post. Your initial responses where you take and justify your positions should be completed before midnight on the due date listed (midnight on Tuesday). Your two debate responses to classmates should be completed after the due date but before the end of the week (midnight on Thursday). This format allows everyone to set a position first and then come back to have choices for debating. Type directly into the text box. Do not upload an attachment! Important: title your discussion board. At the top of your post, you should type the question you chose. Then title each of your sections/positions accordingly. This makes it easier for everyone to find your position quickly. Discussion Board don’ts: Personal experiences are not evidence for a position. Just because you have had a particular experience does not make it a universal truth. Use lecture notes, minilectures, and/or academic sources to justify your positions. Absolutely no ad-hominem attacks. These will not be tolerated. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t mean you get to attack them as a person. Your post will be deleted, and you will receive a 0 on this assignment if there are any instances of this(name calling for example). You will also be referred to the disciplinary board if it is repeated or if there are direct threats made. Do not post all three of your responses on the same day. Follow my guidelines (found in the do’s section). Do not attach files of your writing (i.e. word documents/PDFs). No one will read them (I have learned from experience). See #4 in the do’s list. Don't forget to cite your academic sources correctly. If there are no sources cited, you will receive a 0 on this assignment. Discussion board posts cannot be late. That is, if you wait until after the due date to post your two positions on the chosen question, your posts will not be graded. For a shot at full credit: Post your initial positions for one of the 5 questions with justification before the due date. Meet minimum length requirements. Come back after the due date and post rebuttals to two classmates. Notes: I use SafeAssign to check for plagiarism, so make sure you cite, use quotations, and provide a works cited page as appropriate. I use CopyLeaks to check for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I understand that no software is 100%, but this one is the best out there as of this course. Debate 1: Rehabilitation vs. Punishment Question: Should the criminal justice system focus more on rehabilitating offenders or on punishing them for their actions? Opposing Opinions: Rehabilitation: The emphasis should be on addressing the root causes of criminal behavior and providing opportunities for offenders to reintegrate into society. Punishment: Stricter punishments serve as deterrents and ensure justice for victims, maintaining social order. Debate 2: Labeling Theory and Stigma Question: Does labeling individuals as "deviant" contribute to their continued deviant behavior, or does it help society identify and manage potential threats? Opposing Opinions: Labeling and deviance: Labeling theory suggests that attaching deviant labels can lead individuals to adopt deviant identities and behaviors. Social management: Labeling serves as a way to identify potential threats to social order and helps society respond and intervene when necessary. Debate 3: Surveillance and Privacy Question: Does increased surveillance, both online and offline, enhance social control and reduce deviant behavior, or does it infringe upon individual privacy rights? Opposing Opinions: Enhanced social control: Surveillance deters criminal activities, making communities safer and preventing deviant behavior. Privacy rights: Surveillance compromises individual privacy and can lead to a surveillance state, limiting personal freedoms. Debate 4: Single-Gender Education Question: Is single-gender education beneficial for students by minimizing gender stereotypes and accommodating different learning styles, or does it reinforce gender segregation? Opposing Opinions: Gender-specific education: Single-gender education caters to different learning needs and minimizes gender biases, enhancing educational experiences. Gender segregation: Single-gender education perpetuates gender stereotypes and limits opportunities for diverse interactions and perspectives. Debate 5: Gendered Toy Marketing Question: Does gendered marketing of toys reinforce traditional gender roles and expectations, or does it reflect children's natural preferences? Opposing Opinions: Reinforcing gender roles: Gendered toy marketing enforces stereotypical expectations about how boys and girls should play and behave. Reflecting preferences: Gendered toy marketing responds to market demand and reflects the differing preferences of children without necessarily shaping them.


Description 1. In what way has the Arab Spring contributed to our understanding ...

Description 1. In what way has the Arab Spring contributed to our understanding of globalization and its discontents? 2. What contemporary social movement can contribute to our understanding of globalization and its discontents? Include a photo of and a website link to the social movement's website if they have one to your post this week.  To Read: Chapter 6: Global Countermovements Chapter 7: The Globalization Project in Crisis Book: McMichael, P., & Weber, H. (2022). Development and social change: A global perspective. SAGE.


Description Discuss your understanding of race as a social construct. Evaluate ...

Description Discuss your understanding of race as a social construct. Evaluate why you believe it is important to better understand the foundations of culture and ethnicity. Share your strategies for utilizing non-biased resources in your activities based on the video (attached below). Your paper should be at least 250 words in length. Provide support about your current beliefs and strategies by using citations or clearly noted personal experiences. Why do you believe what you believe? Have your beliefs been cultivated by specific events?


Description Overview Developing research questions is an iterative process, wh ...

Description Overview Developing research questions is an iterative process, which  means that the questions are continuously changing as new information  is uncovered and new thoughts occur. Since we are human, our beliefs,  assumptions, and values may influence the questions we ask about human  behavior. In addition, examining information from a social science  perspective can influence what we focus on. Prompt Use the Module Five Activity Template Word Document  to complete this activity. First, review your instructor’s feedback on  the research question you wrote in the previous module. Use that  information and any new thoughts you have had about your advertisements  to revise your research question. Revising may involve rewriting your  research question completely. Or you may need to narrow your focus,  improve the clarity of the question, or more sufficiently connect it to a  social science perspective. You are not required to answer each question below the rubric  criteria but may use them to better understand the criteria and guide  your thinking. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria: Revise your research question that addresses at least one of your chosen advertisements.  Consult the feedback from your instructor and additional analysis of  your advertisements to revise your research question and make it  stronger. For example, you may need to narrow your focus further,  clarify language, or connect your topic to a social science perspective. Explain how social science perspectives could be used to process information.  Choose a perspective that is different from the one you discussed in  the previous module (psychological, sociological, anthropological,  economic, or political). How might looking at information you encounter  daily from that perspective deepen your understanding of the content?  How could you apply that perspective to things like sponsored posts on  social media, study results reported in the news, claims made by  politicians, or the representation of groups and cultures in television  shows? Describe how the answer to your research question might impact others.  If you were to conduct a social science study to answer your  research question, who might be particularly interested in hearing about  your results? Which groups of people might be most affected by your  research and how might they be impacted? What branch of the social  sciences might be most interested in your results?


Description part 1: watch: Answer: Around three decad ...

Description part 1: watch: Answer: Around three decades ago, women's rate of college graduation surpassed that of men. If the rate of women graduates exceeds men, how will this impact society? Will it impact society? Has it impacted society? However, how does that connect to the video clip above? Share your analysis. Examine 1 observation you made in regard to gender and the family. Ask 1 question about something that you might not have a full understanding of or that you think would create further discussion. Part 2: You will watch the TED talk by Jackson Katz. As you watch this talk, think and reflect on the following question: - Why does Katz say it’s problematic that issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship abuse, and sexual abuse against children are seen as women’s issues that some good men help out with? Assignment: Write a small paragraph addressing the question above and connecting it to family and relationships. Link for TED talk:


Description part 1: answer the question below in 8 sentences  The Family modu ...

Description part 1: answer the question below in 8 sentences  The Family module ends with some tips for happy, healthy families. In your own words, summarize this section. Would you add any tips of your own? Do you see yourself putting any of these tips into action? Why or why not? What are some concrete things you could start doing immediately to increase well-being in your life? part 2: you will watch a show or movie depicting a family (e.g., situation comedy, drama, etc.) and describe the family using information from The Family module. Relate the concepts from the module to the characters of the show. If you do not watch television, you may reference a book instead. Journal Instructions: Once you have watched the video, please post your journal in the text box. Your journal must include a summary of the video and a personal reflection. Include at least one solid paragraph summarizing the video (200 words or more) and at least one solid paragraph with a personal reflection (200 words or more). Your reflection should convey your thoughts and opinions on the information covered in the talk.


Description Choose a current event that, given the ideas you've learned in this ...

Description Choose a current event that, given the ideas you've learned in this class, you think might benefit from being looked at in sociological perspective. Prepare a report doing the following: Apply at least one sociological theory to the event. In doing so, discuss how you think this theory would interpret the event. You can use any appropriate sociological theory of which you have knowledge, but you may want to choose from the broad theoretical perspectives you've encountered in this course: Structural-functionalism Symbolic interactionism Conflict theory Role theory Structural-strain theory Labeling theory Social constructionism Dramaturgical theory Apply at least one of the sociological concepts you have learned in your weekly lessons to the event. In doing so, discuss how you see this concept appearing in the event. Please choose from the following list: Social structure Power and authority (counts as one) Culture Socialization Deviance Social identity Presentation of self/interaction ritual Social change/social movements Devote most of your attention here to detailing, in your own words, why and how you think the theory and the concept you have chosen apply to your event. Make it clear what the connections are between these sociological ideas and your real-world topic.


Description 1. Watch these videos: 2 . Summarize the content of the videos ...

Description 1. Watch these videos: 2 . Summarize the content of the videos in your own words in one approximately 250-word paragraph. Your paragraph should be a summary/reflection written in your own words. Watch the video(s) in its entirety before you write your paragraph to avoid using phrases from the video. After submission, check the automatically generated similarity (Turnitin) report to ensure that no more than 10% of your paper is being picked up as similar to one or more sources. Resubmissions are allowed as long as they are submitted before the deadline. Your last submission will be graded. Emailed submissions will not be accepted. 3. List three interesting facts from the videos. 4. What was the most interesting and why? 5. Make a connection between the information in the videos and one of the following: a) Your own life (yourself, family, friends) b) Beliefs or ideas about the subject that the video reinforced c) Changes you may make as a result of seeing the video


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