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Best Essay Writing Services for College Students

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Best Essay Writing Services for College Students

In academic writing, every piece is organized by paragraphs and headings. Most writers think of paragraphs as units of length, but this depends on what you are writing. A paragraph is meant to measure the ideas of your essay and research papers. Therefore, your paper's length will be determined by the ideas you have from all your idea tools. An organized paragraph is unified such that all sentences relate to one idea. It should be coherent, and sentences must be logically arranged and connected clearly. Also, it should be relevant in supporting the general theme and purpose of the paper. This post will direct you on how to write well-organized paragraphs in essays and research papers.

How to write the introduction paragraph

An introduction sets the mood of your essay or research paper. It should inform the reader of what to expect in your essay. IDEA tool is an effective tool that assists you as a writer in writing clear and perfect paragraphs.


  • Topic sentence (Identify and Define)

When developing your topic sentence, ensure you have a strong thesis statement. The topic sentence is what sums up your main point and initiates the paragraph's focus. Through this, the reader can know whether you analyze, compare, describe, or discuss the subject. The topic sentences help you to hook your reader's interest and curiosity. Read more about paragraph writing with helping words from our professionals here!


  • Background information(Evidence)

Next, it is essential to provide helpful context to your reader to understand your argument. Ensure that you deliver and describe the evidence but to achieve the best, present your points with critical evaluation of your evidence. To develop a sound argument, chain together your points in the most persuasive and logical order.


  • Thesis statement(Analysis)

After providing detailed background information on your topic, you need to formulate a thesis statement. The thesis statement refers to the central argument of your subject. Usually, it is one or two sentences long. At this point, the reader will be able to signal your position on the essay topic.


How to write the body paragraph

Thompson Writing Program (n.d.) from Duke University suggests that you organize your facts and figures in a paragraph using a MEAL plan. The MEAL plan includes the main idea, evidence, analysis, and lead-out.


  • Topic sentence(main idea)

The main idea is expressed in a well-built topic sentence. Generally, the topic sentence should lead you on from the previous paragraph and introduce the idea to be discussed in this paragraph. Most students make a common mistake of writing towards a topic sentence rather than from it. Here you can use transition words to connect between sentences.


  • Background information (Evidence)

Next, introduce your evidence, such as quotes, data, or examples from relevant sources. The evidence is what you paraphrase from your idea sources to support your topic sentence. Always interpret and explain your evidence, and show how it assists you to come about with your overall argument.


  • Analysis

Next, you need to analyze your points after you have provided the reader with evidence. Here your analysis will depend on the type of evidence that you highlighted. For instance, if you quote a passage, you should analyze the quotation. If you have cited a figure or statistic, ensure that you brief the reader on what your argument implies.


  • Lead-out

Next, the lead out prepares your reader to transition to the next paragraph. Transition helps you avoid wasting time at the end of paragraphs explaining the topic of the next paragraph. Transitioning to another section involves summing up the content of the previous section. Also, expressing how to depart from the paragraph. The aim is to be as concise as you can while maintaining coherence.

Writing a conclusion paragraph

Finally, to conclude your paragraph, bring together your main points showing the overall results of what you explored. It provides the reader with the closure of the contents and the importance of the essay or research paper. In other words, it reminds the readers and the writers of the main argument of your essay. A strong essay conclusion should:


  • Return to your thesis

You need to correctly restate your thesis at this point. The topic sentence of your conclusion paragraph should be a summary of your thesis statement. Thus, it shows your reader you have accomplished your task accordingly. In other words, do not just repeat the thesis statement; rather, you can rephrase your argument to indicate the way you developed it from the beginning.


  • Review the main points

Here, you should summarize the main ideas together to fit everything you have discussed in your essay and research paper. To remind your reader of the key points that you highlighted in your argument. 


  • A sense of closure

In conclusion, you are given the last chance to indicate how your paragraphs within the essay added up to a rational idea. At this point, avoid introducing new topics or ideas that did not develop within the body paragraph. Also, avoid leaving your readers hanging. The essay or the research paper should come to an end. 


  • Indicate why it matters

To sum up your conclusion, you need to zoom out the broader perspective of the essay topic and consider how your arguments imply. For instance, does your argument contribute to a new understanding of the subject? Is it connected to a broader theme or debate? Raise new questions that need to be studied in the future? Read predictions or practical suggestions? Visit this website for essay help online free chat now!


To sum up, always make sure you use the MEAL plan and IDEA tool to help you organize your paragraphs perfectly. The purpose of the paragraphs is to develop your ideas to deliver a message from your main idea. Remember, the universal rule in organizing a good paragraph must be unified, coherent, and relevant. Also, before you decide to start a new paragraph, do not forget to use transitions between sentences and ideas. We hope this helps you have a good head start in writing essays and research papers. You can explore how to improve your grade with the help of online assignment help now!







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