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Writing College Application Essay

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Writing College Application Essay

Most selective colleges request you to write and submit a personal statement or an essay as part of your application process. This could sound like a lot of work, but it is an exceptional opportunity that makes a difference during the selection period. However, these colleges get applications from many students with the same scores and grades. Therefore, they use your recommendation letter and other extracurricular activities to see what makes you unique from other talented students. A college app essay can be as long as 500 words, making a huge difference between a ‘yes’ and a ‘maybe’ during selection. Here are tips to consider when creating a good impression for a college of your dream.

Choose an essay question that interests you

Read the topics carefully, then choose a topic that would be interesting to write. You can start working on your college essay examples during the summer before the senior year. Answer questions asked such as; who are you? Who are you becoming? And what have you learned in your short life? Also, when you start writing your essay, make sure you write a compelling first paragraph which makes the admission committee want to continue reading your essay.

Write about yourself

The college admission committee wants to learn and know more about you. This will include things like your goals, achievements, passion, obstacles, personality, and values. If the committee asks you to write something about your role model, they want to know their influence on you. Most colleges are simply looking for motivated, thoughtful students to impact the first year class significantly. Therefore, the topic you choose to write, ensure you shine your way through.

Be yourself

Do not guess what the admission committee wants to hear.  If you pose this question to different counsellors, they would likely give you hundreds of different answers. They aim to determine a good essay that fits the culture of the school and the other students. Being yourself helps you develop a great flow of your writing. You can also choose something you have experienced to give you the vivid and specific details required in your essay. You can get the best college transfer application essay examples here.

Tell a story

You can use prompt statements such a “Did I ever tell you about the time…” to get started. Telling a story out loud to someone can be easier at first, and then you write it down. Your written voice may sound more genuine. Also, describe how compassionate you are about what you do.

Use a positive tone

Admissions committees do not want to read an essay accompanied by whining, complaining and criticisms. Therefore, if you have had difficult life experiences, write about what you learned and how you overcame everything. Again, when you write about an activity or experience, please do not focus on how great you were in it and what you accomplished; talk about what it meant to you. In addition, do not write about anything that doesn’t make you sound good unless you must add the information.

Feel free to be funny and creative

If creativity is what makes you unique from your peers, use that skill to your advantage. Use your skill as an innovation guide to structuring your sample college essays common app. On the other hand, if you are not creative enough, you must take your time to figure out what you are good at and stick to it.

Leverage your native culture, traditions and experiences

Whether you are a Native American or an international applicant, do not attempt to mainstream your application. Most colleges are looking for diversity. Therefore, you have to stand out and try not to be like other applicants.

Tell the truth

In an application essay, you should talk about everything that is true and has proof to show. If a university discovers you lied in your application, it is a guarantee that you will be rejected. Most schools are getting better at detecting plagiarism, which is illegal worldwide.

Diversify your vocabulary

When writing a college application essay, you should not repeat the exact words over and over again. Also, do not use super fancy words just for the sake of impressing the admission committee. It would be best when you write with your voice and be more conversational. Do not use uncommon foreign phrases, scientific phrases which may be difficult to understand.

Research what you write

Do a thorough research if they ask you why you would like to attend a particular college or program. Admission committees will know if you just read the first paragraph of a website or if you researched. Hence, when you write about the aspiration to join a particular club or program, ensure that you participate in it.

Keep the personal in a personal essay

In a personal essay, always concentrate on writing about yourself. Do not spend the whole piece writing about your favourite and most successful family member. However, describe how that person has impacted you with your life decisions. This is the greatest period to be self-centred. You can get the best college application essay help on this page.

Follow instructions

The instructions stated in an essay question are a way to test your ability to follow directions. Here, you need to pay attention to the number of words you need to write, the keywords you need to use in your essay and where to use the keywords. This is a very critical part when writing a college application essay.

Check your grammar and spelling

For you to come up with a perfect essay, grammar and spelling need to be correct. Do not only depend on your computer grammar-checker as someone to proofread your work loudly for you to detect more mistakes.

An essay is an essential component of your college application. Create time to present your true self, and it will pay off in future, not just for college applications. The above tips will help you learn more about how to write a college application essay perfectly.










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