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This assignment is due September 29, 2021. It requires 10 slides and another par ...

This assignment is due September 29, 2021. It requires 10 slides and another part to it. Please follow the uploaded documents that is listed below. 


   In recent years, increased attention has been given to screening children ...

   In recent years, increased attention has been given to screening children and adolescents for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACEs include growing up in homes involving violence, abuse, neglect, mental health or substance abuse issues, parental separation, or incarceration. Researchers have found that ACEs negatively impact mental and physical health in adulthood and can limit life opportunities (CDC, 2020). Through screening, social workers can identify these experiences in a child’s life and then consider methods to prevent or mitigate the negative effects. Some screening tools have even been expanded to include related life events that contribute to toxic stress, in order to get a broader picture of a child’s experiences.


For this assignment you will be required to observe one student in a classroom s ...

For this assignment you will be required to observe one student in a classroom setting for two hours. During this observation you will record all the behaviors displayed by the student. You should create a comprehensive and specific list of behaviors (eg. pulls his own hair, stares away from the teacher, whispers to her friend, throws pencil on the floor, etc.). The summary should be extremely detailed. Do not use the student’s real name in the summary. Create a pseudonym for the student to maintain confidentiality. You will also complete an Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence (ABC) chart during your observation. The Field Experience Observation ABC Chart should include at least two behavior episodes.  When considering the function of the observed behavior, please choose from one of the following:  Escape/Avoidance Obtaining/Acquiring  The preferred observation site would be in a classroom that provides assistance to students with emotional disabilities. The preferred student for this observation would be an individual who has been known to exhibit challenging behaviors. The Liberty University Field Office will not help you to find a school/classroom for this observation. You must independently approach schools in your community to organize the observation. You may use the Field Experience Observation Letter if your chosen school requests additional documentation. NOTE:  If you live in Central Virginia, you may not contact the local school systems (Lynchburg City, Campbell County, Bedford County, Appomattox County, and Amherst County) to complete the field experience requirement. You may contact the instructor of this course for your options. Thank you! After the observation, provide a description of the student and a summary of the behaviors you witnessed during the observation. Analyze the behaviors and provide a few reasons as to why the behaviors might have occurred. Use information from your textbooks to support your reasoning. The list of behaviors and the behavior summary should be 400-500 words. This does not include the words that will be used on the Field Experience Observation ABC Chart. Please copy and paste the Field Experience Observation ABC Chart onto the document that contains the list of behaviors and the behavior summary. Use current APA format when writing your summary.


 Friendly Care Hospital         · Written Requirements  1. Introduct ...

 Friendly Care Hospital         · Written Requirements  1. Introduction 2. Literature Review 3. Design Explanation 4. Conclusion 5. References o Introduction § Introduce the primary goals and objectives of the project § Include more than 5 scholarly sources and 500 words in the Introduction and Conclusion combined.  o Literature Review that supports the new system simulation, model, and design § Explanations of the design running configurations show mastery of each concept. The review of literature is related to the primary problems of the re-design. It thoroughly addresses system feasibility, performance, RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability), security, and disaster recovery § Over 1,000 words and 10 unique scholarly journal articles focusing on relevant research on the problems being addressed § Recommend new design additions based upon current literature o Packet Tracer design explanation § Explain each of the additions and improvements § Use alternative protocols and services where necessary to emulate the best possible working infrastructure for the hospital within Packet Tracer § Reference the primary configurations and how these were developed § Include running configurations from routers/switches as appendices o Conclusion § Highlight any limitations, managerial implications, and conclusions of the project deliverables and outcomes o Totals words overall 2000 words


- File 1 There is 4 like videos - pleas do video 3  -file 2 you have to flow t ...

- File 1 There is 4 like videos - pleas do video 3  -file 2 you have to flow the instruction  -file 3 eBook ( read ch 4 make it like to the videos ) and pleas make citation to which Pg is related .  pleas read  the instruction carefully 


  Assistive technology (AT) is a supplemental resource that may be a mandated ...

  Assistive technology (AT) is a supplemental resource that may be a mandated requirement for many students with disabilities within their IEPs. In a typical resource room, there are a variety of AT devices that may be incorporated into instruction by the special education teacher. Research two low tech, two high tech, two augmentative, and two alternative assistive technology devices appropriate for students with previously identified mild to moderate language disabilities. For each assistive technology device researched, complete the “Assistive Technology Device Matrix Template.” Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources. While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using documentation guidelines, which can be found in the Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.


  Read chapter attached  Identify the benefits of sharing your action resear ...

  Read chapter attached  Identify the benefits of sharing your action research with others. How does sharing your action research assist you in achieving your goal to improve the lives of your students? Identify one Web site resource and describe how it assisted you in designing, implementing, evaluating, writing and/or sharing your action research. Choose any one of the Web site sources listed in chapter 9. Why does Mills suggest in the last chapter of his book that this is really the beginning of your work? chapter 10 Reference :    Mills, G.E. (2018). Action Research. A Guide for the Teacher Researcher. Pearson.


      Cross-Curricular Project Brochure for Families In the 21st centu ...

      Cross-Curricular Project Brochure for Families In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of globalization. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is a part of our everyday lives. Exposing students to STEM creates an engaging classroom environment and prepares students for real-world application. In 250-500 words, create a digital flyer or brochure for the families of the students in the “Class Profile” outlining an upcoming cross-curricular, real-world project you are planning to implement in your classroom that integrates STEM. The flyer or brochure must include: · A title for the cross-curricular project. · A summary of the project that clearly outlines how STEM will be utilized and how the concepts taught can be applied in a real-world setting. · How students will be assessed. · Materials the students will use for the project, including any that will be provided and those that could be brought from home. · How families can support their student in the completion of the project. The flyer/brochure should be creative, visually appealing, and well organized.


Week 7 | Problem Solving and Resolving Conflicts Current All ...

Week 7 | Problem Solving and Resolving Conflicts Current All Details: Complete a 750-1,000-word action plan and supporting rationale based on the following scenario: Mark is a Hispanic 8th grade student who has been identified as having an emotional/behavioral disorder, specifically Mood Disorder (Not otherwise  specified). Currently, he participates in a general education inclusion classroom. During his annual IEP meeting, the team reviewed recent test scores and determined he qualifies for the gifted program in the area of ELA only. He will continue to participate in the inclusion classroom for the remainder of his courses.  He is very successful in all of his inclusion classes. Mrs. Stone, the gifted teacher, was not able to be present during the IEP meeting. She has never worked with a student who has an IEP before. Mark is the only Hispanic student in the gifted class, which tends to make him uncomfortable. He says the teacher does not include him in the classroom conversations and speaks abruptly to him, but not to the other students.   After one month of Mark being in the gifted class, Mrs. Stone has requested that a paraeducator be present to support Mark. The IEP team determined that this was necessary because in order to meet Mark’s needs. After the paraeducator was assigned, the principal did a walk through observation of the gifted classroom and he noticed that Mark was isolated in a corner and the teacher did not interact with him. In addition, the principal received a phone call from Mark's parents stating Mrs. Stone told Mark, "You do not belong in this class!" Mark no longer wants to be in the class because he does not feel welcome.   The principal has come to you, the special education teacher, for assistance with supporting Mrs. Stone and Mark in being successful. To assist the principal, create an action plan that includes goals and steps for achieving those goals and reporting progress.    Specifically, the action plan should include one over-arching long-term goal and a minimum of four short-term goals related to the following considerations: Communication and collaboration between teachers of the student, specifying positives in working with the student in their classrooms, as well as challenges that may arise as a result of the complex human issues that interact with the delivery of special education services. Collaborative coaching for the gifted teacher to include research-based instructional strategies and recommendations that acknowledge that diversity is a part of families, cultures, and schools.  Collaborative coaching and guidance for the paraeductor with the intention of providing support to the gifted teacher and student. Evaluating the implementation of the action plan activities and reporting back to administration. Communication strategies to use with the student’s parents that demonstrate elements of effective collaboration. Next, outline detailed action steps related to each identified goal utilizing the “Action Plan Template.” Support your action plan with a rationale that incorporates a minimum of three scholarly resources on best practices in collaboration and communication.   Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.


What aspects of the academic and practitioner literature did you find particular ...

What aspects of the academic and practitioner literature did you find particularly applicable to Dr. Marsh’s scenario? Whose seminal work would you adopt to help you form your strategy to change the organizational culture of this virtual organization? If you were in Dr. Marsh’s position, what is one additional strategy you might have employed to more effectively lead or develop this virtual, globally dispersed team? Provide a rationale for your selected strategy.  Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources. To prepare for this Discussion, review the “Leading a Virtual Organization” videos and Case Study Guide and consider the case of business executive Dr. Craig Marsh. Consider how Dr. Marsh built within his organization a culture of employee engagement, one that is conducive to optimal performance management, and a leadership structure appropriate to achieve his goals. Further, consider how Dr. Marsh took into account the perspectives of researchers and practitioners before creating his strategy.


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